April started out with a Mercury retrograde in Aries, and just when you thought the month’s astrology couldn’t get any more intense, a new moon solar eclipse in Aries will darken the skies on April 8, 2024, at 2:21 p.m. EDT. While this is the first total solar eclipse to pass over the United States since 2017, it’s the second solar eclipse in Aries in the past year, continuing a storyline that began with the Aries new moon solar eclipse on April 20, 2023.

As the first zodiac sign (and the first fire sign), Aries is a sign characterized by bravery, confidence, and trailblazing energy. Aries knows that life is meant to be experienced, and this solar eclipse might just give you the courageous boost you need to go after what (and whom) you desire. In general, the way you perceive yourself and how you show up in the world may be up for revision or evolution during this eclipse.

Aries knows that life is meant to be experienced, and this solar eclipse might just give you the courageous boost you need to go after what (and whom) you desire.

Specifically, an Aries solar eclipse can coincide with the launch of a personal goal or a recommitment to your inner calling—even if you don’t exactly know where either will take you. There’s an energy of “act now, find out later” with Aries lunations like this one: On the one hand, an eclipse tends to bring unexpected change into our lives, but on the other hand, Aries isn’t afraid of diving into the unknown and learning in the doing.

When is the 2024 solar eclipse in Aries?

The solar eclipse in Aries takes place on April 8 at 2:21 p.m. EDT, but we’ll feel the Aries energy in the air during the hours beforehand and afterward, too.

In much of the U.S., this eclipse will be visible—the first total solar eclipse to grace the country with its presence since 2017. As for what you’ll see? Depending on where you are in the country, the sky will either become partially or totally darkened as the moon passes in front of the sun from our perspective, and the sun’s corona (or outermost atmosphere) will become briefly visible. (Just be sure to use special eclipse glasses if you’re planning to look directly at the sun or its corona during the eclipse.)

What is the astrological meaning of a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse happens during the new moon phase, when the sun and the moon are in the same zodiac sign, and the moon sits directly between the Earth and the sun. What distinguishes a solar eclipse from any typical new moon is the fact that the moon is also located on the same horizontal plane as the Earth, thus moving directly in front of the sun from our vantage point.

The location of the moon right along the path of the Earth’s orbit during a solar eclipse also places it at either the north or south lunar node, aka invisible points in the sky associated in astrology with fate and destiny. In turn, a solar eclipse is thought to bring about fated occurrences, redirecting our path or bringing us in touch with people who may play a significant or serendipitous role in our lives.

More specifically, solar eclipses are associated with fresh chapters and new beginnings, given their occurrence at the new moon phase. Simultaneously, they can set off a period of surrender and letting go, in order to create room for the newness. Exactly how or in what area of life these changes occur depends on the zodiac sign where the eclipse is located (which changes with the lunar nodes, about every 18 months).

What can you expect from the solar eclipse in Aries in April 2024?

The April 2024 new moon solar eclipse in Aries brings with it a distinct theme of healing. When it arrives, the sun and moon will sit right next to Chiron, an asteroid that symbolizes our deepest wounds, pains, triggers, and default coping mechanisms—but also, the progress we’ve made on our healing journey and our potential to help and heal others.

As a result, you can expect this solar eclipse to activate a variety of intense, cathartic feelings from deep within. You may be holding space and honoring how far you’ve come on your healing journey. Or perhaps this lunation marks the start of a new cycle of healing or breaking free from behavioral patterns that no longer serve you. In any case, you may feel more tender or triggered as past pain bubbles up to be addressed.

This is an aligned time to tap into the bold and courageous energy of Aries, and to fearlessly explore any complex emotions that may arise for you. There is wisdom to be found in past pain, as well as guidance and healing. Tending to your nervous system and returning to your body might be necessary during this eclipse.

This lunation will also be forming a conjunction with Mercury retrograde, further increasing the likelihood of old memories or patterns resurfacing. Consider it an opportunity to shift your mindset and change what you believe about yourself to be true.

As the notoriously challenging planets Mars and Saturn also inch toward a conjunction as the eclipse arrives, there may be some tension, a sense of burden or responsibility, or even a tinge of disappointment in the air. It can feel like you’re taking two steps forward (á la trailblazing Aries energy) and then re-routing and taking five steps back.

It can feel like you’re taking two steps forward and then re-routing and taking five steps back.

Just know that this isn’t the time to force anything. You might also have to focus more on your responsibilities or face a reality check before making progress. Trust that consistent dedication is what will bring you to the finish line, even if it takes longer than you’d hoped.

To get a clearer picture of how this stop-and-go energy will affect you during the 2024 solar eclipse in Aries, read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs. Then, pick up a unique self-care practice to help you move through this lunation with more flow.

What will the 2024 solar eclipse in Aries bring for every zodiac sign?


People-pleasing be gone, Aries! The solar eclipse in your sign activates your first astrological house of identity, self, and new beginnings. You could step into a new role as a teacher, parent, or leader in your field, or perhaps you’re unveiling a new side of yourself to the world. Whatever this looks like for you, you’re ready to own every part of yourself and your past—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This is a powerful time for releasing shame, guilt, or fears that leave you tethered to the past. You’re choosing you regardless of what anyone else thinks. People who enter your life and projects you initiate around this time also feel fated and leave you feeling full of confidence and encouragement to pursue them with all your heart.

Your new moon self-care practice: It’s time for some mirror work. Step in front of a mirror, and say some of your biggest fears out loud. Notice where you feel resistance come up in your body. Re-write those fears as positive affirmations, and repeat them every morning and night in April. Feel the physical shift in your body.


There’s no way to ignore the intuitive messages that arrive for you under the solar eclipse, Taurus, as it lands in your 12th house of subconsciousness, healing, and closure. This eclipse reminds you to take accountability for the patterns in your life that you’ve avoided addressing or actively repressed.

The good news: These moonbeams bring sweeping changes and encourage you to end cycles and break ties with people and situations that aren’t healthy for you. This can be an emotionally draining time, so prioritizing your rest and solitude is a must.

Your new moon self-care practice: Book a massage, take a personal day, or try an evening meditation before bed. Getting back into your body in ways that feel nourishing and recharging will help you process any major feelings that arise under this eclipse.


Fated meetings may take place for you, Gemini, under the 2024 solar eclipse in Aries, which moves through your 11th house of community and support. You could get news about someone who is eager to join forces with you to bring one of your dreams to life. You’re also mingling with new people and forming new friendships that leave you with a profound sense of belonging.

There’s extra luck in the air for you under this eclipse, and choosing to put yourself out there through networking or sharing your ideas and work on social media can bring about some fated opportunities.

Your new moon self-care practice: If there are difficult conversations you’ve been avoiding within some of your friendships, now is the time to have them. Addressing any misalignment in your connections can make room for positive change.


You’re ready to show the world what you’re made of, Cancer. The solar eclipse lands in your 10th house of recognition, accomplishments, and career. You might accept an award or promotion near this eclipse, or perhaps you’re taking on an important role in your life, like as a guardian, teacher, or volunteer. You could also feel a sense of empowerment when it comes to sharing your truth with the world, as you learn to release the pressure to be who others want you to be.

Your new moon self-care practice: Write a letter to yourself from the future. Act as if you’ve already achieved your next big milestone and you’re actively living the life of your dreams. Embody the feelings and sensations of that success while writing.


Cathartic conversations are on your eclipse forecast, Leo, as it moves through your ninth house of expansion, perspective, education, and travel. Sharing openly and vulnerably can lead to breakthroughs and enticing possibilities. You’re also reconnecting with the power of your voice and kicking any fears when it comes to speaking up about what you believe is important. You might also learn about a new contract or opportunity, feel called to go back to school, or even book some travel.

Your new moon self-care practice: Make a list of some of your fears. Whether they’re personal or something affecting the collective, practice speaking about the topics on your list in front of a mirror, or record yourself speaking in a voice memo. Continue this practice until it feels natural. Eventually, you’ll gain the confidence to speak up when it matters most.


Vulnerability is your superpower, Virgo. The 2024 solar eclipse in Aries moves through your eighth house of shared resources, intimacy, and your psyche. This marks a powerful moment for confronting some of your fears—and leaving them in the past.

You’re better able to understand your past pain, grief, shame, and guilt and make peace with the lessons you’ve learned and how much you’ve evolved since those moments in time. This eclipse may also coincide with you growing closer to a special person in your life or the arrival of a new work opportunity that changes your financial situation.

Your new moon self-care practice: Reflect on the balance within your closest relationships. Who in your life really shows up for you when you need it most? Focus on nurturing the bonds that feel reciprocal and prune other connections—or set healthy boundaries—as necessary.


A new, fated person is about to enter your life, Libra, as the solar eclipse moves through your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships. This could be the start of a connection that offers you some healing and perspective when it comes to your past relationship dynamics and patterns.

If you’re single, you might be ready to make a new relationship official or put yourself back out into the dating world. And if you’re partnered, you may experience a renewal of your union by addressing some of your fears and past triggers, and having the conversations you’ve been avoiding.

Your new moon self-care practice: Reflect on your relationship dynamics. Are there any patterns that you’re ready to outgrow? If codependency, jealousy, or any other unhealthy habits pop up over and over again, consider steps toward breaking these cycles and welcoming new ways to interact with the most important people in your life.


Your priorities are shifting, Scorpio. The eclipse lands in your sixth house of habits, routine, and responsibilities. You might be revamping your everyday routine in a big way, or perhaps your work schedule and responsibilities are undergoing a shift.

This is also a fateful moment in time to reflect on your patterns and get real about which habits you’re ready to kick. Maybe you start traveling for work or working remote more often, or perhaps you’ve taken on a promotion that requires longer hours at the office and more obligations on your plate. Regardless, there is an element of self-sacrifice here: You know that in order to reach your next goal, you need to put in the consistent work.

Your new moon self-care practice: Make a list of the habits and behaviors your future self would keep on a regular basis. Over the next four weeks, integrate one of those new habits on a weekly basis. See how many you can fold in and keep up with consistently. These small changes will help bring you closer to your dream life.


You may be celebrating something big, Sagittarius! The solar eclipse activates your fifth house of pleasure, creativity, romance, and luck. You could be in the throes of a new, romantic relationship and excited to see where it’s headed. This is also an aligned time to experiment with your relationship to desire and explore who and what turns you on.

There’s also the possibility that you’re birthing something new—not necessarily a child (though that’s certainly possible) but perhaps a book or a passion project. This solar eclipse infuses you with a zest for life and reminds you to come back to the present moment and practice gratitude for what you have.

Your new moon self-care practice: Try out a new hobby that you’ve always been curious about. Whether it’s baking, painting, DIY-ing some furniture around your house, or something else entirely, let your creativity blossom in a new experience.


You’re redefining who and what brings you comfort, Capricorn. The 2024 solar eclipse in Aries lands in your fourth house of home, family, and the past. While repressed emotions might bubble up to the surface, you’re also better able to identify generational patterns and cycles that you’ve outgrown.

You could also be considering a move or shaking up your living environment in some way (perhaps by getting a new roommate or reorganizing your space), all of which can shift your current sense of stability. Healing or triggering conversations with family or within your personal relationships might take place, but ultimately, you know that confronting what’s been left unsaid will lead to a healthier dynamic in the future.

Your new moon self-care practice: Take a tour through your past, and pick a memory you have for each year of life (or every five years or so) as far back as you can go. Whether the memories are painful, life-changing, or sentimental, exploring and reminiscing about your varied life experiences can lend you perspective and insight into the present moment.


You’ve got an important message to share, Aquarius, when the solar eclipse moves through your third house of communication, learning, and travel. Choosing to be more vulnerable with what you reveal to others can lead to a cathartic breakthrough.

You might also choose to go back to school and learn something that feels like a calming balm to your soul’s calling. Or, you could land on a new collaborative project that requires you to use your voice, perhaps through publishing, speaking, or podcasting. This is also an opportunity to change the way you speak to yourself and rework your mindset for the better.

Your new moon self-care practice: Pick up a daily journaling practice. Try to journal before you go to bed, so you can create a container for thoughts that might otherwise bop around in your head and make it hard to sleep. This practice can also help you flesh out plans for some of the ideas and dreams you hope to focus on in the near future.


New financial opportunities are expanding your horizons, Pisces, with the solar eclipse activating your second house of resources, livelihood, and self-confidence. You might negotiate a raise, go after a promotion, or hear from an old colleague about an open role at their new company.

You could also take on a project at work that gains you more recognition within your company and helps to bolster your confidence in your own talents. This is an aligned time to rework your budget, adjust spending habits, and nurture your relationship with gratitude.

Your new moon self-care practice: Take yourself on a date. Go to a new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, book a massage, cook a sentimental meal for yourself at home, or purchase that item that’s been sitting in your online shopping cart. Tending to your physical senses and embracing little luxuries can help you reconnect with yourself.


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