California’s Population Health Management Initiative (PHMI) is using Innovaccer’s technology as the foundation to develop a platform to enable community health centers (CHCs) to drive improvements in equitable health outcomes. The San Francisco-based company also has announced that Kaiser Permanente will implement the Innovaccer Healthcare AI Platform to support its value-based care initiatives. 

California’s PHM Initiative is a collaboration between CHCs, Regional Associations of California, the California Primary Care Association, the Department of Health Care Services, and Kaiser Permanente. The initiative is leveraging Innovaccer’s AI platform to unify and aggregate data into a single source of truth to enhance health equity and community well-being.

All CHCs participating in the initiative have the option to adopt the PHMI Platform. The PHMI said that the technology support provided to CHCs will enhance their ability to effectively participate in California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal (CalAIM) and Alternative Payment Methodology 2.0 (APM 2.0) programs by:

• Building a foundational data layer to power all subsequent population health management and care management workflows.
• Integrating multiple data sources (e.g., claims, clinical, ADT) to create a longitudinal patient record that provides a 360-degree view of patient data.
• Augmenting and automating care management, physician engagement, patient outreach and reporting workflows.
• Improving provider and care team workflows by creating efficiency with an EHR-agnostic point of care physician engagement solution that surfaces the most relevant patient information to enable informed decision-making and coding gap closures.

A group of seven CHCs is preparing to implement “Release 1” of the PHMI Platform by the end of 2024. These early adopters will influence what features are included in the PHMI Platform and serve as a guide to inform the Platform build and ensure it meets CHC needs.

“The PHMI Platform’s capabilities align with value-based care and its focus on quality of care, provider performance, and the patient experience,” said Neil Chatterjee, M.D., chief medical officer of East Lost Angeles-based Via Care Community Health Center, in a statement. 

Starting in Washington state

Kaiser’s implementation of Innovaccer’s Healthcare AI Platform and population health management solutions is starting in its Washington state market, serving approximately 650,000 members. This initial deployment is slated for completion this summer, with consideration for subsequent expansion across other Kaiser Permanente markets and subsidiaries, Innovaccer said. 

“As we continue to build out our unique set of flexible capabilities, tools, and services – developed by clinicians and experts and grounded in evidence and real-world best practices – we are excited at the prospect of assembling advanced technologies and solutions that can help us accelerate our ability to deliver the best value to our patients and our organization,” said Paul Minardi, M.D., executive vice president and CEO of the KP Medical Foundation, in a statement. 



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