What can’t be missing on the Easter table? Certainly, a savoury stuffing packed with protein. In our recipe, we’ve added chicken meat in addition to eggs, ensuring an extra dose of protein. Spinach not only adds colour but also enhances the overall flavour of the dish. This way, it can be enjoyed on its own or as part of a more complex meal.

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Start by cutting the older dry rolls into smaller cubes. Then sauté one finely chopped onion until glassy in olive oil, add sliced garlic, marjoram, and continue to sauté it for a bit. Finally, add the chicken breasts from the can (just the solid part, draining the liquid), baby spinach, chopped parsley, mix everything thoroughly on the pan, heat it, and season with salt and pepper as needed. Finally, remove the pan from the heat.

Easter spinach stuffing - preparation

Mix the bread cubes together with milk in a larger bowl and let them soak nicely. Then, add beaten eggs, the finished and cooled spinach-meat mixture and mix everything thoroughly. Afterwards, place the mixture in a smaller baking dish sprayed with the cooking oil spray, and smooth out the surface.

Easter spinach stuffing - before baking

Finally, bake it in an oven preheated to 180 °C for about 30 minutes. You will know it’s done when it has a nice golden surface. Once it’s baked, let it cool down at least a bit, and then you can slice and serve it.

Easter spinach stuffing

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Nutrition Facts
1 piece (total of 6 pieces)
Energy 288 kcal
Protein 18 g
Carbohydrates 31g
Fat 9 g
Fibre 5.5 g

If you’re on the lookout for an Easter treat packed with flavour and protein, then you definitely need to try this stuffing.

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