This week, I shared some of my kitchen hacks that add flavor to recipes and cut back on waste…a win-win. The first involves a pickle jar (we love pickles in the Bauer house) and that precious leftover pickle juice, a treasure trove of seasonings and yumminess. It’s great for marinating chicken and making a jarred tomato cucumber salad, which you can enjoy plan or as a topping for salads or burritos. The second uses the sticky remnants of a peanut butter jar to create a heart-healthy dressing that’s delicious on salads, bowls, and even leftover cold pasta.

Don’t worry if you missed the show. You can watch the replay here. And check out the featured recipes below:

• Pickle Jar Tomato Cucumber Salad
• Out-of-the-Jar Peanut Butter Dressing


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